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Game Design

We love games! Our passionate belief is that really good games are a win / win for players and operators alike.

Gameplay should be deep and rich enough to provide real entertainment for players whilst providing the gambling buzz and be supported on a foundation of superior maths. The advantage of a really good games design is that as well as providing compelling base games, features and bonuses no matter how simple don’t just become random awards around the “average value” of a feature but are games in their own right building anticipation, excitement and reward for the player. Great games designs reward the operator with increased revenues through driving player spend, player acquisition and retention.

Stand out from the crowd! To ensure the most effective benefits to your operation, Contact Us to discuss how we can provide exclusive game designs for your platform. Implementation can be achieved either using your in-house development team or using third parties we can introduce and/or manage for you.

As no two players are identical any portfolio offering must have a mixture of styles. We design a broad spectrum of games to appeal to players all the way from the softest casual players to the hardest gamblers.

Whether you are a start-up, a significant game developer or a platform provider with an in-house offering, customers demand varied content and differentiation between games. No-matter how good your content is, we can add value to any game developer’s portfolio by adding an alternative style and feel to complement your in-house designed games. Why take the risk in employing a second games design team in-house when you can partner with Sigma Games and a track record that speaks for itself.

Some examples of games designed:

We just love talking games. So if you feel we could add value to your portfolio, support your in-house development team, supply games through a third party or just to chew the fat about great games Contact us.

If you would like help with the evaluation or management of your mix of content or product, development and technology strategies and plans have a look at our Consultancy Services or Contact us.

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