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Sigma Games Ltd. provides Game Design and Consultancy services to the worldwide gambling industry. 

Our game designs are optimised for the repeat purchase sector of the online and land based casino and street markets worldwide. The Directors have a track record of designing successful games and products in these markets. They were responsible for a library of games that continue to be among the best performing games online and in land based markets.

We supply mathematical models and gameplay designs for game developers to implement. Working with game development companies we also supply games to operators that do not have their own resources.

The Sigma Games team work with our customers throughout the development process to ensure the game package that is finally released is not only as it was specified but is fine tuned to provide a superior gameplay experience. This results in games that players want to return to time after time providing player satisfaction and longevity of performance.

We have a wide ranging Consultancy practice covering all aspects of creating and managing the resources and content required for superior products to attract, engage and retain players year after year.

Email: info@sigmagames.co.uk
Phone: +44 7795 565787

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